Developing a theme with Bedrock and Sage

This is a series of tutorials written as we develop a new theme using Bedrock and Sage. This page is a table of contents so you can jump to the area you are interested in. I am creating a new tutorial every few days until completed.

Check out the Live Demo

As we progress I will be pushing changes here so you can see how the theme currently looks.

  1. Install Local/Bedrock/Composer and setup to work together
  2. Install Sage starter theme
  3. Add demo content, install Soil
  4. Add Bootstrap responsive menu to the theme.
  5. Add FontAwesome to Sage (with tree shaking)
  6. Basic Sage Template Partial Example
  7. Fix accessibility issues and apply theme color variables
  8. Add Sidebars
  9. Create a Plugin / Widget for new posts
  10. Add Footer Widgets to WordPress in Sage
  11. Upload Bedrock/Sage theme to your Cpanel Server