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Front Page

Thanks for visiting! We are just getting going. Our most complete section is our social media icon generators. We are currently creating a large series on creating a theme using Sage/Bedrock and have just completed a CSS box-shadow generator. Lots more to come over the coming months.

Social Media Generator

Use our social media icon generator to visually create your own sweet Font Awesome effects.

Sage Tutorials

Follow our tutorial as we create a basic theme using Sage and Bootstrap.


Some tips to making the most out of the Font Awesome Library, from forms, checkboxes and icons.

Sidebar Widget Plugin

Create a Theme Plugin

One of the basics I would often find myself doing is creating an advanced “latest posts” plugin, mainly so I could style the latest posts …
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Add a Sidebar in Sage

Sage Sidebars

In this tutorial, we will be adding a new sidebar called “sidebar-post”, and assign both the primary and new sidebar to various pages. Register a …
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